Why It's So

When Mr. Honeymoon experiments with flavors, or does anything really, he likes to ask "what would be the best?" Most people just want their Ice Cream to be delicious, and getting it is a treat. That's fine. Some people want to know more, so we're happy to tell you. This is for you.

Honeymoon is the richest, creamiest Ice Cream possible. This is because we make every decision to use the best quality ingredients possible. Really. Unlike every other Ice Cream maker, we use fresh, local Jersey milk.

Jersey milk comes from Jersey cows. The cows who give us milk like in Tomales, California on the border of Marin and Sonoma counties. All our milk comes from the same herd who live on beautiful green hills close to the Pacific Ocean. Just where Mr Honeymoon would want to live. Learn more here.

To get the best possible taste the way Mr Honeymoon wants, we use the freshest, local and seasonal ingredients from people we know. Just like our cows. We make all the jams, oats, biscuits, candied nuts, carmels, toffees to find in every pint of Honeymoon Ice Cream.